Thalia at the ZIMBAPARK

World, stay awake!

Thalia’s creed aims to encourage people to question their behavior when it comes to shaping their leisure, communication, social life, and learning. Purchases can be made in-store at 37 bookstores stationary or 24/7 on the largest online bookstore at Numerous additional services such as in-store pickup (Click & Collect), home delivery, and the contactless payment method “Scan & Go” enable a fast and easy shopping experience.

As passionate discoverers of stories, we connect quality, personality, inspiration, and service. Personalized advice, a diverse range of products, and digital services create a unique experience for our customers. In addition to books and eBooks, we also offer a large non-book assortment (games, toys, gift items, and more) at ZIMBAPARK, perfectly complementing every reading adventure.

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