Speckstube Handl Tyrol at ZIMBAPARK

Tyrolean Specialties

For nearly 120 years, Handl Tyrol has been a family-run Tyrolean traditional company known for its exquisite ham, bacon, raw sausage, and roast specialties of the highest quality. These products are still crafted using traditional methods, without the addition of artificial flavorings and aromas. Handl Tyrol serves as a significant ambassador for Tyrolean specialties and Austrian culinary culture. A visit to the Speckstube at ZIMBAPARK brings this experience to life. Whether thinly sliced ham or whole bacon for takeaway, the knowledgeable staff is ready to assist and share some insider tips.

The unique and exclusive specialties can be tasted in a cozy atmosphere. A wide selection of lovingly prepared snacks invites you to linger. Suitable for any occasion, there is an extensive offering of fine, culinary gifts and souvenirs.

Offerings: Tyrolean bacon, raw and cured sausages, roast specialties, gifts as souvenirs, as well as the Speckjause (bacon snack), also available for takeaway.